Digital Storytelling and Cultural Heritage

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Digital storytelling and cultural heritage: stakes and opportunities
edited by AthenaPlus WP5 "Creative applications for the reuse
of cultural resources"; texts by Julien Brouillard & Claire Loucopoulos, Dédale (France), Barbara Dierickx, Packed (Belgium)

What is digital storytelling? What tools, devices and services are available? What are the recommendations and technical guidelines for GLAMs wanting to carry out digital storytelling projects? The aim of this publication is to inform cultural institutions on stakes and opportunities given by digital storytelling and answer to their doubts.

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One of the aims of the AthenaPlus project has been to experiment with enriched metadata their re-use adapted for users with different needs (tourists, schools, scholars) by means of tools that support the development of virtual exhibitions, tourist and didactic applications and digital storytelling.

This booklet is dedicated to digital storytelling. During the project life-cycle, an overview of existing tools and applications that may serve as examples for the development of the creative applications for the (re)use of digital cultural heritage content has been produced.

The Report on existing tools and devices related to narrative approaches and requirements functionalities was composed of three parts: it started off with a heoretical introduction to the concept of narrative and digital storytelling, then it was followed by an overview of common features for data, tools and supports that are needed in the realisation of digital stories, and ended with an overview of relevant components that might be implemented in the online AthenaPlus application environment.

Starting from the results of the above mentioned report, this booklet intends to inform cultural institutions on stakes and opportunities given by digital storytelling.

The first three chapters are devoted to explain what digital storytelling is, and to inform about tools, devices and services in this field. Finally, recommendations are given to GLAMs willing to implement digital storytelling projects as well as technical guidelines for the implementation of digital storytelling projects.

Simonetta Buttò
AthenaPlus Project Coordinator