CityQuest postcard

CityQuest allows cultural organisations to easily create a quest online, and publish it to amobile app.

Send your visitors around the city to discover items from your collection and the locations they are connected to.

Based on hints andmedia you track down an item, scan the QR code on its location and learn the (hi)story behind it.

CityQuest is a very straightforward tool. The online interface gathers all steps required to create your quest, in one single webpage.

What story do you want to tell? What is the subject of your quest? Who are youmaking it for? Thismight affect your ideas on which Clues to give, the items to look for, tone in the texts, length of the walk. A good CityQuest is also highly linked with the possibilities of the place (city, village, ...) in which it will take place. Can you choose nice pedestrian paths? Are walking distances appriopriate for the audiences/age group you have in mind?

CityQuest is available for free download from Google Play and iTunes store.

You can also find the CityQuest code package on GitHub at

Link to trainingmaterial:

Responsible partner:
PACKED ExpertisecentrumDigitaal Erfgoed Vzw, Belgium

Download the Manual of Good practice on CityQuest (PDF, 701kb)