eCultureMap Postcard

The eCultureMap has been developed to demonstrate the use and re-use of Europeana, AthenaPlus and other digital cultural heritage content, when browsing the content geographically. Currently themap has threemain uses: a usermay find out what cultural content is present on a certain location, plan a cultural route or upload own content.

The AthenaPlus GIS PILOT

This pilot has been developed in the framework of eCultureMap. The eCultureMap is the effort of Europeana partners to put their cultural content on one single geographical knowledgemap when ingesting their metadata to Europeana.

The eCultureMap currently displaysmore than 2millions objects from several Europeana related projects such as Athena, Carare, Linked Heritage, AthenaPlus, PartagePlus and others.

The AthenaPlus GIS pilotmap works as an alternative user interface for Europeana and other cultural portals. The map provides a clear overview of the content that is aggregated within one specific project but also enables easy browsing and discovery of the other content that’s linked in the database. Several powerful features have been developed, illustrated by some use cases.

Link to the pilot implementation:

Link to training material:

Responsible partner:
Javni Zavod Republike Slovenije za Varstvo
Kulturne Dediscine, Slovenia

Download the Manual of Good practice on eCultureMap (PDF, 1252 kb)